Bevel machine model BEVEL 400

Automatic straight-line beveling machine with fixed angle for the simultaneous processing of edge and bevel with liquid cerium oxide in one single passage



Designed for small and medium production, this machine joins small dimensions, easy handling and high reliability.

Equipped with a PLC for the work settings , switch from different sizes of beveland thickness of glass is simple and fast without adjustments on the grinding wheels. The refrigeration circuit of water and cerium are divided and work independently, with two stainless steel tanks, each one with its own pump.

Working speed from 0 to 3 meters per minute (up to 118Inch / minute) is controlled by inverter. All our efforts are aimed to ensure the maximum precision of work, the main conveyor, composed by vulcanized iron pads is mounted on precision chainsand more series of guides round and nitrided, while our cast iron spindles are mounted on high precision guides and on a heavy bench connected directly to the main structure of the machine.

The lubrication of the main conveyor is manual, easy and fast thanks to the special pump. All the adjustments can be easily made from the front of the machine. The machine is designed to make all the maintenance operations most easily possible.


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